1. Open the Research download tool > bin folder

2. Launch Research Download tools.

3. Click on the Load Packet icon (top left corner)
4. In the window that pops up, navigate to the locationo the pac file, select it then click Open
5. The pac file should now be loaded (its name should appear at the top)
6. Click the Settings Icon (top left corner)
7. In the box that pops up, untick any item(s) you do not wish to flash then click OK. Ignore this step if you wish to flash all files
8. Click the Start downloading button
9. You should see Waiting…. under the Progress bar
10. Switch off the phone (still with battery inside) then connect it to the PC via USB cord (note that you might need to hold the volume decease button while connecting to PC on some phones) and flashing should begin. DO Not  interrupt
11. Once flashing is complete, you’ll see Passed
12. Click on the Stop downloading icon then disconnect the phone from PC and boot.